The course that Really teaches you how to create a Reality show.

Reality Television is here to stay, as it has become one of the content staples for both broadcast, cable and soon digital platforms. It is also very viable and a great entry point into the entertainment business. No other online courses are covering this genre with this depth nor are there many producers that have the expertise and relationships with individuals in the space like Tracey Baker-Simmons.

Through this Making Reality TV Master Course we share fundamentals for developing, packaging, pitching and producing story driven content in the non-scripted space. From securing talent and building lasting relationships to creating a proper title, participants learn from the knowledge our experts have gained from being not only being creators and development executives but other insight garnered from individuals serving as Executive Producers, Show Runners, Directors and DP’s in the field, as well Story Producers and Editors in post. The academy will place participants on the path to realizing their dream of creating their own reality series or a better story around their brand.

Reality Tv Decoded

This unique one-of-kind course consists of four Modules that layout the creative step-by-step process of developing a reality tv show concept from start to finish and provides valuable business insight about how to navigate the industry and how to place your show in front of the right networks.

The Key Modules in the series are The Business of Producing, Development, Packaging, and Pitching.  Each module contains several lessons that break down all of the critical perspectives and practices for Making Reality TV. Tracey will also include development worksheets, sample pitch decks and templates, sample sizzle reels and character tapes, and a host of other tools to complement the learning experience.


So, you've got a great idea for a show.  Where should you start? Well, before you dive into creating your BIG vision, you must build a strong foundation and learn the business of producing. In this module, you will learn about the six roles within producing and how each part functions. You will also understand why you need to hire an attorney and the benefits of hiring the RIGHT attorney. You will learn about the steps you need to take to protect your idea and the key agreements you need to have in place before you start producing. This module also includes a BONUS lesson on what to expect from a network or production entity.  When you complete Module One, you will have all the tools you need to start developing your show idea into a concept.



Development is The art of turning your idea into a unique concept. It defines the who, what, when and where. We all hate it but it is the only way you can truly move your project forward. Without proper development your concept remains just an unprotected “idea.” In this module we walk the participants through the proper steps needed to fully develop their idea into a sellable concept. We walk you through the process by assisting in building reasonable timelines and real story.


Module 3 - PACKAGING

Packaging is another big component to presenting your concept to networks or distributors. It is your ultimate sales tools, your leave behind and typically the manner in which the buyer is able to present your concept to other members of their team. In this module we define all the components of a perfect pitch deck as well as sizzle reel and/or character tape. The pitch materials are crucial and necessary for a creator to present their concept to a buyer and this module walks you through the key components to making this possible.


Module 4 - PITCHING

Pitching in simpler terms is just a sales meeting, but there is an art to it and you must prepare to make a good impression and close the sale. This module teaches the participants the importance of selling themselves as a producer and creator, as well as their project. The course also covers things to do before your quest as well as determining who you should pitch to, network or production company.



This series is for anyone interested in shaping an idea to pitch and sell, as well as those who want to understand the fundamentals of actually producing a non-scripted show.



Meet Your Instructor.jpg
Meet Your Instructor,
Tracey Baker-Simmons.

I produce with love and a little bite, that’s my secret sauce.

Tracey Baker-Simmons is accredited with being one of the pioneers of celeb-reality television opening doors for African American talent and producers in the the space. She has over 25 years of experience as a producer in film and television. She has produced 100’s of music videos, National commercials and created the pop culture phenomenal series, Being Bobby Brown, featuring the Icons Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Baker-Simmons received an Emmy™ nomination from Southeast Region - National Academy of Arts and Sciences for the series Platinum House.

In her 15 years in the realty genre she has developed and produced docu-series, crime and completion programs. Baker Simmons also taught a course on the Business of Producing at   Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. In order to continue to hone her own craft as a producer, she also studied abroad under some of the greatest producers in the industry through the  Entertainment Business Master program.

Baker Simmons has the unique ability to not only share, but to teach her all that she has learned through her studios and experience in the business.